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Island Pond Area Vermont of Commerce
PO Box 255
Island Pond, Vermont 05846

Dear Area Businessmen and Businesswomen:

Enclosed is an application/invoice for membership in the Island Pond Area Vermont of Commerce.  The Vermont meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6 pm at the Welcome Center.

Some benefits of being a Vermont member include:

1) Listing on the official Island Pond Area Vermont webpage, found at this is the link and web address that is submitted on all Vermont correspondence and in any advertisements originating from the Vermont.

2) Listing in the official Island Pond Area Vermont business guide.
3) Inclusion / subscription to the Island Pond Area Vermont newsletter / email notices. Receive current vermont news and meeting reminders online.

4) IPC members will also receive a dual web listing on the NorthEast Kingdom Travel and Tourism Association website because of their inclusion with IPC. 

5) The Vermont is exploring options as far as joining or colaboration with other area and regional organizations as well. The Vermont may purchase additional ads in other upcoming regional guides.  Please join us.

Contact Information:

Island Pond Vermont
P.O. Box 255
Island Pond, VT. 05846

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