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Island Pond, is the "Gateway to the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Nulhegan Basin." The surrounding area offers breathtaking views and a diversity of activities year round.
  • The Nulhegan Basin contains 16 rare or exemplary natural communities of seven types: black spruce swamp, spruce-fir-tamarack swamp, lowland bog, remote pond, tannic water lake/pond, warm acidic/circumneutral talus and acidic/circumneutral cliff.
  • The Mollie Beattie Bog is one of the important natural communities identified by the Vermont Nongame Natural Heritage Program in 1989.
  • The Yellow Bogs area is part of a unique wetlands complex, including black spruce swamp, lowland bogs, open sedge meadows, and shrub thickets. This complex is listed in the 1990 United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Regional Wetlands Concept plan.
  • The basin is also important breeding habitat for migratory birds (Partners in Flight considers northern Vermont and New Hampshire as one of the most important areas in the Northeast).
  • Stream habitat throughout the basin (and Paul Stream, specifically) has been identified in an Environmental Impact Statement presented by a USFWS fisheries team as a "special focus area."
  • The Nulhegan Basin is an important stronghold for nesting thrushes and warblers. Boreal forests in the basin support watershed-rare or management concern species, including the spruce grouse, gray jay, Wilson's warbler, olive sided flycatcher, rusty blackbird, black-backed woodpecker and 3-toed woodpecker.
  • Black, ring-necked, and wood ducks, as well as hooded mergansers and loons nest in the basin's ponds and forested wetlands.
  • Vermont's only viable population of spruce grouse live in the basin.
  • Two watershed-rare mammal species have been reported in the Wenlock Management Area; rock vole and southern bog lemming.
  • The largest deer-wintering area in Vermont is in the basin.
  • Self-reproducing wild brook trout live in the basin's pristine streams.

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